How to Change Engine Oil in Your Wright Stander Mower

Knowing what type of engine oil to use, when, and how to change it is vital for keeping your Wright Stander Mower running for a long time. In addition, seasonal changes also determine which engine oil might perform best.

With that in mind, what type of oil should you use in your Wright Stander Mower, when and how may you change it?

There may be varying opinions on what type of engine oil one is to use in his or her Wright Stander Mower. But since most of the mowers made by Wright Manufacturing, Inc use Kawasaki engines, in this post, we will consider the oil that Kawasaki Engines recommend and they are 10W-30, 10W-40, or 20W-50 synthetic oil blends.

Changing Engine Oil

The owners manual that you get when you purchase your Wright Stander Mower recommends changing engine oil after the first eight hours of use from the time you purchase your Wright Stander Mower. After that, you are to change your engine oil after every 100 hours of use.

There is no problem if you choose to change your engine oil earlier. However, changing after 100 hours of use may be sufficient for you to save some funds and still have your mower in good working condition.

What you will need:

Towel                              Silicone tubing                            Oil filter                              Oil pan          Rubber gloves           Funnel                   Engine oil

  1. Absorbent cleaning cloths like towels.
  2. A ¾ inch silicone tubing which is around a meter long.
  3. A replacement oil filter (The manual recommends replacing oil filters after 200 hours of use but its still okay to replace them every time you change the oil.)
  4. An oil pan or a small jug ( Anything that can gather waste oil.)
  5. A pair of rubber gloves.
  6. You might need a wrench for removing the oil filter.
  7. Some Wright Stander Mowers might need a 10mm Spanner tool to open the oil lock ( Like the Wright Stander Model 2013.)
  8. A used shopping bag for gathering waste oil from the filter.
  9. A funnel.
  10. New engine oil.


A step by step guide for changing the engine oil in your Wright Stander Mower:

  1. Make sure your Wright Stander Mower is in a suitable working place that allows you to work efficiently.
  2. If your Wright Stander Mower has not been working, ignite it and leave it on for five to ten minutes to allow the oil to liquefy.
  3. After, turn it off and remove the ignition key.
  4. Place a rag below the oil outlet at the bottom of the engine on your Wright Stander Mower to avoid it from dirtying its deck.
  5. Fix the rubber hose on the oil outlet with one side pointed at the oil pan, jug, or any other container you will use to gather the waste oil.
  6. Open the oil lock ( In some Standers, it’s 10mm oil lock bolt in others, it’s a simple valve.)
  7. Open the oil inlet cover on the engine of your Wright Stander Mower and leave it open to allow waste oil to freely drain under atmospheric pressure.
  8. Drain the waste oil through the rubber hose to the oil pan, jug, or any container for gathering the waste oil.
  9. Once the oil in the engine has drained, remove the rubber hose and the rag below the oil outlet.
  10. Using a rag clean up the oil outlet and tighten the oil lock bolt ( Or valve.)
  11. Put the used shopping bag around the oil filter in a way that allows waste oil from the filter to drip in it.
  12. Un-tie the oil filter and let the waste oil drip in the shopping bag until no more oil is dripping.
  13. Use a rag to clean the place where you removed the oil filter.
  14. Get the new filter, dip your finger in the new oil, and smear it around the rubber gasket on your new filter (This helps you ensure a maximum grip between the mower’s engine and the oil filter.)
  15. Fix the new oil filter in its place and tighten.
  16. Place the funnel at the oil inlet and refill the engine.
  17. Check the oil level if it is sufficient, if not keep adding while checking.
  18. Once you have filled it up to the right level, put back the oil cover and tighten.
  19. Ignite your Wright Stander Mower and leave it on for five to ten minutes.
  20. At this point, you are done and your Wright Stander Mower is now ready to run.

Our demo was based on changing the engine oil of a 2013 52 inch Wright Stander model but this step by step guide can apply to almost every Wright Stander Mower. No matter which engine oil type you are using, these steps will help you do the job yourself without hiring someone to do it for you.

Try them out and see if they work for you. If you have any question, clarification or feedback feel free to comment below and we will be more than ready to help you out.


  1. Great stuff, I just have a question, what about engine loss, the horsepower of my stander is 23.5 however it looks like it has reduced to somewhere below 18 what might be the problem?

    1. Hello Carthy,
      Sorry about the situation. Problems with engine power loss are usually related to:
      1, Spark plugs (It could be that only one spark plug is feeding the combustion chamber)
      2, Fuel type. check the octane rating that your user manual recommends
      3, Air filters could be leaking contaminated air into the combustion chamber
      4, Problems with valves.
      Hope this helps 🙂

  2. There is a pinging sound in my stander like as if some metal part is knocking in the engine. Any suggestions?

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    1. Thanks, Danny,
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