How to Keep Your Wright Stander Mower Running for Over 22,000 Hours

Wright Stander mowers are commercial lawn mowers manufactured by Wright Manufacturing, Inc. Built with a thick machine-welded metal body, Standers can remain in good working condition for a long time. With proper handling and maintenance, a Stander can mow for eight hours a day; three times a week; and still, stay up and running for over 22,000 hours. That is an equivalent of over 17 years! What can you do to keep your Stander running for that long? Here are four things that you can do.

Always Check the Lubricants Level Before Use

Every time your Stander operates, lubricants like engine oil, hydraulic fluid, and grease help to keep its moving parts in good working condition. These lubricants can drop in levels due to the heavy work your Stander performs. Therefore, developing a routine of always checking lubricants before use and filling them up where necessary can help to preserve its parts.

Inspect the Lawn Area Before Mowing

Hard objects hidden in the lawn can damage the blades of your Stander. To avoid this from happening, always inspect the area you intend to mow and remove any hidden hard objects. These may include stones, plastic pieces, metal scraps, tree stumps, or sticks.

Don’t let Grass Clumps Accumulate Beneath the Stander Deck

Each time you mow, grass usually clumps beneath the Stander deck. With time, these grass clumps get dry, build up, and reduce the cutting space for the blades. Left unchecked, they can clog the deck of your Stander and increase its workload. As a result, the engine and the belts powering the blades will be overworked.

If this goes on for a prolonged period, it ultimately affects the lifespan of your Stander. So, always remove grass clumps beneath the deck of your Stander.

Perform a Major Maintenance Service After Every 100 Hours of Use

Wright Stander Engine CleaningWright Stander Engine Cleaning

The condition and performance of your Stander depend on how often you maintain it. This can be likened to the way routine medical checkups affect anyone’s wellness. Prompt and regular maintenance can help you to solve problems before they emerge. Therefore, maintain your Stander regularly. A typical maintenance routine includes the following steps:

– changing engine oil, hydraulic fluid, and filters.

– brushing up or replacing the spark plugs if necessary.

– sharpening blades (This may be done before 100 hours of use if your mower operates regularly.)

– checking cutter belts, hydro pumps, and their belt to see if they are in good working condition or in need of replacement.

– cleaning exposed engine parts and recharging the battery.

– check belt spindles, wheel hubs, and woodruff keys.

The Things You Might Need in The Process

SAE 10W-30                Grease Gun                                       Oil filter                     Spark plug gap tool                   Hydro Oil          Mower deck scraper

Like other equipment, Stander mowers are not immune from the natural process of wear and tear. At some point in their lifespan, they also wear out. But if you always check and fill-up lubricants, inspect the lawn area before mowing, remove accumulated grass clumps beneath the Stander deck, and regularly maintain your Stander. You can keep your Stander running for a long time.



  1. Mine just hit 15,000hrs didn’t know that strict adherence to the 100hr maintenance routine also helps. will try to include it on my must-do list

  2. Yes, it does. I am happy to hear that you just hit 15,000hrs. If you need any help in the nearby future, just reach out and I’ll be more than ready to help 🙂

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