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Preparing Your Wright Stander for Winter

If you own a Wright Stander commercial mower and you stay in the US, winter is here, and predictions show that it might go all the way until March next year. That means your Wright Stander is also going to be out of service until then. Having your mower parked for that long together with the harsh winter climate, your mower might not be immune from the effects such conditions bring.

Whatever the case, you would like the next spring season to come and find your mower in its good working condition. What can you do to prep your Wright Stander mower for winter? Here are seven things that have proven to be effective in getting mowers ready for prolonged winter.

Clean Your Mower

Since your mower will be parked for a long time, it’s practical to rid it of potential moisture traps that can corrode your mower’s exposed metallic parts. These parts can be vulnerable to the moisture that forms in trapped debris or dirt on your mower. Left for a long time, the result will be corrosion and rust.

Therefore, clean your mower and blow-dry it with a leaf blower before you park it for winter. This will not only protect your Wright Stander mower from corrosion, but it will also protect its paint from getting stained with the hard-to-wash chlorophyll from the grass debris. This way, you won’t have a lot of issues to address when winter is over.

Change Engine Oil and Hydro Oil

When you park your mower for a long time, Suspended impurities in the old oil tend to settle at the base of your engine’s crankcase. These impurities might stick there even after performing your next oil change. So, to avoid potential engine problems, It’s logical to have clean oil sit in your mower’s crankcase for a long time than having old oil with impurities.

Your mower’s hydro system is also not susceptible to prolonged storage. If it had impurities before you stored it, these impurities can also settle and stick at the base of your hydro oil reserve tank. Which can easily damage your hydro system. True, the hydro filter is meant to address this concern but, it’s resourceful to eliminate potential problems before they emerge.

Therefore, change your Wright Stander’s engine oil and hydro oil. Start your engine so that the new oil can circulate in the mower’s internal engine parts and crankcase walls. That way, your engine’s internal parts will have some sort of oil blanket that can shield moisture from corroding them.

Protect Wheels from Cold Surfaces

When you store your mower with its wheels directly in contact with the floor, the floor will transmit its cold temperature to your mower’s wheels. This transmission of temperature increases the density of air in your mower’s wheels which results in reduced wheel pressure. Given the constant weight of the mower and the prolonged time, your mower’s wheels will go flat.

Therefore, find ways you can protect your mower’s wheels from being in direct contact with the floor. One thing that has proven to be effective for some mower owners is by parking their mowers on wooden pallets. Of course, you might think of other options but, the main goal is to have your mower’s wheels off the cold floor.

Remove the Battery

Wright Stander mowers use powerful Interstate Batteries. According to Interstate’s official website, these batteries are made to withstand both summer and winter seasons. That means your battery is good to go this winter, however, batteries tend to drain when your mower isn’t in use for a prolonged time.

In winter, the extreme cold creates moisture on any object it finds. This moisture can find its way into your mower’s battery terminals and since it will be out of service for long, moisture can easily corrode and rust your battery terminals. Therefore, clean your battery, charge it and store it in a cool, dry place.

Wax Its Vulnerable Parts

Since most garden equipment like commercial mowers are made with metallic vehicles, they are not immune to moisture. To address these concerns most mower companies use strong paints, however, there are still other areas where this paint wears out quickly. For example, under your mower’s deck, since its always in constant exposure to moisture, the paint wears out.

You will need to wax those areas to make sure that no moisture corrodes them. There are many types of wax you can use and they can protect your mower’s vulnerable parts for some good time. You can get them on Amazon at a reasonable price. This can be an extra cost but it plays a major role in extending your mower’s lifespan.

Cover Its Exhaust

During winter, rodents also look for warm areas where they can relocate from the cold. Your mower’s exhaust can become their easy spot. They can use it to nest their home, let alone the rubbish and trash they ferry in. Definitely, you wouldn’t want that to happen.

Get a hard cloth material and securely tie it around your mower’s exhaust pipe. You can also create a small ball out of white shopping bags and push it into the mower’s exhaust pipe. This, however, needs caution because you can easily forget to remove it when the next spring comes.

Cover Your Mower

Wright Standers are powerful mowers with a strong steel frame. If you store them in a dry place during winter, they can remain in good working condition. However, with the extreme cold that comes with winter, moisture can easily form on anything. So to reinforce your winter protection measures, use a microfiber covering to cover your entire mower.

Microfiber has good water resisting properties that can keep out much of the moisture which would rest on your mower for a long time. This way, your mower will have a minimum amount of moisture to deal with.

Protecting your Wright Stander mower during winter is one of the maintenance routines you should do to extend its lifespan. It’s something that will be required during this winter but ultimately can have an impact on your mower’s general condition and performance.

Do that this winter, clean your mower, change its engine and hydro oil, protect its wheels from the cold floor, store its battery in a cool, dry place, cover its exhaust from rodents, and cover it with a microfiber covering. And your Wright Stander mower will be perfectly winterized and in good working condition.

If you have any question or need any help with maintaining your Wright Stander mower, just leave your comment below and we will be more than ready to help you out.